Our Team

Our team is what our business is built on. We actively look for ways to provide continuing up-skilling and training opportunities across their flying skill set and customer service capability. Our front line team includes a diverse mix of experience and background, and we would like to briefly introduce a few of them to you here.

Clint Dudman

Clint is a longtime aviator with a suite of multi-engine aircraft credentials including King Air, and aircraft ownership experience. He works as our Chief Pilot and Head of Operations specialising in teaching under the Instrument Flight Rules and in multi-engine aircraft. Clint also has outside-of-aviation exposure, having successfully run his own news agency for a number of years.

Adam Starr

Adam is a well-known Instructor, who works with us as an instructor and is our Cirrus specialist. In fact, Adam has the honour to be Australia's very first Platinum CSIP. As a former paramedic, ADF helicopter pilot and Air Services Australia trainer, his well-rounded knowledge of airspace regulations and aerospace theory, as well as a passion for flying, make Adam a valued ambassador of the aviation community.

Damien Boyer

Damien joined our team with a considerable background in instructing, having spent significant time with the Cadet fraternity at Amberley RAAF base. You'll see Damien's smiling face about on a regular basis and we look forward to sharing his personable teaching style with our students.

Craig Duncan

Craig's flying began in New Zealand, but soon saw him covering a lot of ground across the Australian west. He brings a refreshing style of tuition to the team, and he has a lot of experience working with the students undertaking the rigorous Diploma level workload as both a vocational trainer and flight instructor.

David Schofield

David comes from an Australian Defence Force pedigree, previously serving  in the Australian Army’s rotary arm. His fixed wing work with us includes tuition in our VFR school and an a multi-engine, IFR qualified charter pilot. He is a welcome front line addition to our well qualified ranks.

Jess Duncan

Jess brings both instructing and specialised airwork skills to her role at Flight One. As a survey pilot, Jess saw a lot of Australia, and as an instructor she brings a mission-oriented mindset to her commercial training which is of considerable benefit to our students looking to understand how real-world GA works.

Kerryn Biles

Kerryn is another all rounder who matches her active RPT airline role with her passion for general aviation training. As a Cirrus devotee, she can often be found sharing her experience under our Cirrus Training Centre banner but is at home in any aircraft that our students care to learn in.

Michael Ward

Mike is a Flight One CPL and MEIR graduate who has a passion for flying and a real interest in helping new students to share in the joy of flight. His focus is on teaching the lead-in elements of the flight training syllabus, and developing good learning habits with his students. You will likely meet Mike when you start out in your training program, or perhaps on your next charter.

Sacha Jordan, Ashley Fontenot & Elisabeth Ivanov

Sacha, Ashley and Elisabeth are the front line service team at Flight One. Their roles include front of house duties, flight operations coordination, quoting, account management and facilities management. Sacha is an experienced flight support officer, having spent many years with Emirates airlines. Ashley joins us from the US, and brings an attention to detail cultured through her medical services background and current psycology studies. Elisabeth's management background is client focused, making her an excellent ambassador of our service culture. Each of these accomplished team members are happy to render any administrative or resource support for your aviation requirements.

Barry & Cheryl Arentz

Barry and Cheryl are a dynamic duo whose love of the outback has seen them match their aviation prowess with a matchless program of tour-by-flight. They are responsible for the bulk of our outback fly away tours, with destinations like Lake Eyre, Winton, Longreach and a variety of other iconic destinations. Barry is a Flight One CPL graduate, and can attest to the fact that taking out this credential opens a whole new set of opportunities to enjoy life in the company of interesting folks across the big brown land we call home.